Circle of Beautiful People

Circle of Beautiful People International,  Private Luxury Club, The Circle To Be In, is a global community of like-minded HNW individuals in an ultra-exclusive, secure online private network for social and business connection with bespoke lifestyle benefits supporting global philanthropic charities via our galas, parties and immersive events.

As an international powerhouse, CBP International serves as the private gateway that connects and supports you, the connoisseur of all that is cultured, exclusive, alluring, and unequivocally luxurious within our vast yet intimate coterie of global purveyors and lifestyle cognoscente.

CBP International offers luxury products including its signature 24K Gold Brut Champagne, 24K Rosé Champagne, 24K Gold Cognac, 24K Golden Cigars and Gourmet Artisan Coffees.

CBP International offers private membership. Members receive the ultimate in royal treatment and gain key access to the finest in exquisite, high caliber products and superb services. Members celebrate together at our global events and enjoy building professional and personal connections within our exclusive hand-selected community, making lasting friendships with some of the most beautiful people in the world! LEARN MORE

We truly are, The Circle To Be In!